Welcome to Lean Kanban India

This conference features the state of the art in Kanban, drawing from the real experiences of hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Join us in beautiful Bangalore, India.

You have more capacity than you think! Kanban enhances visibility, quality and performance.  The result is better predictability and faster delivery with better business agility.

Lean Kanban India 2015 is part of the global Lean Kanban conference series of events providing pragmatic, actionable guidance you can apply immediately to your knowledge work or service work. To accommodate practitioners with different levels of maturity in the domain, LKIN15 will have 3 broad themes –

Foundation Kanban

This theme would be for those who have not yet started using The Kanban Method or have just started. This theme would focus on understanding how to analyse and improve software development using The Kanban Method. Sessions in this theme will focus on how to improve delivery using Lean and Agile techniques. They will highlight implementation of flow and pull based systems or implementation of feedback systems with continuous improvement. Submission should focus on their own case studies related to their Kanban adoption, the challenges they faced and how they addressed them.

Scaling Lean and Kanban

The theme would be for those who have been using The Kanban Method but are finding it difficult to go beyond just the Kanban Board or scale beyond small team/larger or larger enterprise-wide implementation. Sessions in this theme should focus on the challenges you faced and how The Kanban Method helped you deepen your Lean implementation by helping you discover your challenges and address them. Any specific objective measurements that were used to quantify benefits from the implementation of The Kanban Method will be big plus.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

This theme would be for those who want to implement DevOps/Continuous Delivery within their teams. The Kanban Method is a very effective approach towards this objective. Submissions under this theme should help in understanding how The Kanban Method helps in achieving this objective or the challenges that were encountered in reaching to this objective. Any engineering techniques that were used to complement the The Kanban Method in reaching the objective of Continuous Delivery could also be explained in these theme.

LKIN15 topics include:

  • Getting started with Kanban
  • Scaling Lean and Kanban
  • Kanban metrics
  • Managing organizational change
  • Project Management with Kanban
  • Kanban in highly governed environments
  • DevOps and Continuous Delivery
  • Kanban in non-IT domains

Why Attend?

  • Connect with coaches and practitioners using the Kanban Method
  • Hear how organizations are using Kanban for better results
  • See how to apply Kanban in your organization for sustainable improvements
  • Join interactive workshops to answer your questions and address your challenges
  • Meet Kanban product and service providers

Who Should Attend?

The program of presentations and interactive workshops is appropriate for Executives, Operations Directors, Department Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, PMO Heads, Process Improvement Leaders, Team Leaders and Team Members, Human Resources Managers involved in corporate development, and everyone interested in Lean Kanban.